Crochet Cast On For Knitting

Used as a provisional cast on for shawls and other projects. Makes a very smooth beginning and keeps stitches live. You can start working them on the first row or after making a decision at the end of the project ( for example for ending a different edging on a hem or a sleeve).

I think this is my favorite provisional cast on so far. Let’s begin.

  1. Use smooth and “cordy” waste yarn of light color. Crochet a chain of a few stitches longer than you need for your cast on. In this example I need only 3 sts, but I chained 8 sts.

2. Turn it over and see the purl bumps in the center of chain. These are the places where you will go with the needle in the next step.

3. Starting 2 sts in from end of chain and using working yarn, pick up and knit one stitch in the back loop of each ch until the required number of sts have been picked up

4. We have 3 sts on the needle. Knit 11 rows for this example. Keep the selvage stitches for nice pick up edge.

5. Turn your knitting 90 degrees as in the next photo.

6. Use the top edge to pick up more sts. We already have 3 sts and adding 5 more.

7. At this point, carefully undo the last chain and remove the waste yarn. Place exposed sts on left needle.

8. Knit 3 new sts.


Now all 11 sts are knit and you are ready to continue your project. Here is an example of Turmeric shawl that I published on in FGDesigns.   

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