My daughter’s sweater and Martin Storey

I thought I would write it almost right away after the last post, but… I hope I am forgiven.
So, here is the story. A few months before the last TNNA my daughter has decided to make a sweater  for her fiancé. She is a good knitter and made many pr…

A quick TNNA recap

As many of you know, every 6 months I go to our trade show called TNNA. Every time I pack I am thinking to myself that I am not sure if I really need to go there. And it never fails: I have the best time at the show with my friends, always make new co…

The Art of Seamless Knitting is making rounds

We are so happy to report that our book is doing great. On Amazon it is on the list of 10 best selling books in knitting. Many sites are doing very positive reviews. People are telling us that they already have some projects on their needles. 

Here is one of the reviews we are proud to share:

Library Journal – 6/15 STARRED Review

¶ Merchant-Dest, Simona & Faina Goberstein. The

The Finer Edge

Another wonderful and useful book by a well-known crochet designer Kristin Omdahl.

It is a combination of a dictionary of special edgings and beautiful designs where these edgings are applied.  Any crocheter who wants to polish some skills or…

Faina’s Knitting Mode 2013-06-17 02:55:00

Laura Zander, founder of Jimmy Beans Wool has gathered up 30 superstar designers from around the world to awe and inspire in the book Knit Red.  This book is part of the stitch red campaign, a partnership between Jimmy Beans Wool and many o…

The Art of Seamless Knitting

This is a quick post of introduction of our book.
After 2 years of hard work and anticipation, we have a book!

Simona Merchant-Dest and I are very proud and happy with the results. It is now available online and in stores. So, check it out and le…

Welted Peerie Shawl

Honestly, I do not know how did I let this go for so long. I mean: not posting here. So much happened and now it is a long line of posts waiting to show up. I am going to start at the end of this line.

This week you will see the new Spring 2013 iss…

BOOK REVIEW: Short Story

As we all know, Cathy Carron designs chic and wearable pieces that range from cute to sexy. You can read her interview for The Designer’s Studio here to learn more about Cathy and her work. Her new book Short Story, published by Sixth&Springs Books, is a collection of cropped tops. Read the full article…

Faina’s Knitting Mode 2012-12-19 23:47:00

Linda Permann is a wonderful crochet designer who is also an author, teacher, and a full-time employee at Her books are very popular and her beautiful and whimsical designs range in difficulty to accommodate any crocheter.


Read th…


I can’t tell you how thrilled I am about this book. In summary, it is an awesome book from an awesome designer Faina Letoutchaia.


This is something that so many of us were waiting for: a step-by-step
video accompanied by the text on how to mak…