Dewdrop Cast On

I use this cast on for many designs. I think it is a very attractive modification of a cast on that has many different names. The modification is in the way I handle the yarn and use different size needles. I did not invent it, I am just playing with the possibilities.  Here are some examples how I use it.

Red-Waves-Beret Crown of Leaves Spring Twilight

Spring Twilight


  1. Faina, do you have a DVD available for purchase on the Lace Stockings in your book The Art of Seamless Knitting? I would like to purchase a DVD on how to knit those stockings because I am doing something wrong at the beginning of the leg. I look forward to hearing from you. Laura

    • Laura,
      I do not have a DVD on that. I teach KAL through Interweave sometimes. If you need help on cast on, I have a tutorial on this website.


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