The Needle keeper or simply the Magic Wand

I have to admit that I love to have good tools that not only help me with my work, but have a great idea behind them. I just recently learned about this one. Have you seen it?


This is so brilliant but simple that everyone can look at it and say: “O.K. Why did not I think of it?”.

I really wanted to try them, so I contacted Claudia Carlson, the genius who invented this tool and she generously provided me with her needle keepers in a few colors. Plus, it turned out that she loved my Craftsy class Sizing Knitwear Patterns! It made me so happy.

Let me first tell you in what way this tool is helpful. Here is an example for you.

I was preparing for teaching a class on how to make toe-up, 2-at-a-time socks. I was working with one beautiful circular needle by Knitter’s Pride and since it is a small project, I was taking it with me everywhere I went. As you know, if you are not careful, you can ruin your needle tips or connection with the cord or loose some stitches by just keeping it in a bag. Also, your beautiful bag can be ruined by sharp tips of the needle. Have you done this before?

Well, now that I have my “magic wand”, no chance of it!!

Look, here is what you do with it:

Needle keeper 7


Push both tips into provided slots in the black plastic cap.

Needle keeper 10

Push the needle all the way to the cord passing the connection of the needle and the cord.

Needle keeper 9

And you are done! Needles are not coming out since the soft plastic cap holds them in. As you see, the tips of the needle are completely covered by the metal tube they are in. Now your project is ready to be taken along and is protected from an accidental pull and unraveling. Just brilliant, isn’t it?

Needle keeper 8


A Needle Keeper will hold up to two size US #9 / 5.5mm (both needles at once). If you want to protect larger needles, use two, one needle in each Keeper!

So, how one comes up with the idea like this one? Here is what Claudia herself says about this:

” I invented this item because I was knitting socks on size #0 wood needles and broke a few needles in the process as I stored the socks in my knitting bag. Taking my project in and out of my bag, in and out, putting them away quickly when I had to stop knitting, always had me worried. And sure enough, one day I took them out to knit, and one needle was broken.” 

I guess this will do it, hah? The fun part is that she did not make it one boring color. No, she has 11 vibrant and beautiful colors to choose from. We can have them all and match our projects. If you are like me and have a few projects going at the same time, you will need to have a few Needle Keepers to protect all your needles.

You can and learn more about this tool at their website where you will watch a video on how to use it.

To get these beauties, you can go to Claudia’s Easy shop.

Also, on the business website home page you will see all other links such as Facebook and more.

So, what do you think? Are you going to try this tool? I can’t live without it now.

And here is the best part.

Claudia is generously offering a Needle Keeper for two of my readers. Each winner will get one color.

How to get your name into this drawing:

  • Leave the comment about the product here telling us why do you want this product.
  • To get extra entry for your name:
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  • b)Post your second comment in my Ravelry group

In any case, I would love to hear from you.



  1. Mary Adams says:

    I am the original “Gadget Queen”! I love trying out new or old (still new to me) knitting goodies! These have been on my “wish list” for a little while…. I am looking forward to getting them!

  2. Diane mueller says:

    Wonderful idea.I switched to metal needles after one too many broken wooden circulars.

  3. Claudia Carlson says:

    I am honored by such a wonderful review! Thanks so much!

    I’m equally excited to award 2 of Faina’s winners a Needle Keeper each! Each winner will get to choose the color of their liking…will it be a hard choice? Contrast with your yarn, or coordinate? Favorite color or collect them all? A different color for each WIP makes grabbing the right project simple!

    Gotta wait and see…

  4. Carmen N says:

    I need this tool! I like to go to the park on my lunch break and bring knitting with me of course, but too often have I seen dropped stitches that slipped off or had problems with the needles poking through my bag. Great idea!

  5. Peggy A says:

    Needle Keepers!!! They are the best. I have one. I usually have more than one project on needles…I need more. You definitely need to get some for yourself!

  6. Karen Winters says:

    Great review! I love the concept, and the colors are fun. I’d love to own several of these–one for every one of my current projects (especially now that I seem to be using smaller needles more and more). I’ve seen them around, have coveted them, but the shop can’t keep them in stock!

  7. Megan Whyte says:

    Genius! I have just been putting up with holey bags for all this time. I can see that this would lead to fewer tangles in my knitting basket, too.

  8. Thanks for this review! I didn’t know this product but I find it so useful as I have many bags with holes because of my knitting needles… very great product!

  9. Jill Fischer says:

    Great idea! The other solutions are always slipping off or getting lost. Nothing worse than yarn slipping off needles in storage or having to redo lacework! Thanks for this wonderful tool!

  10. Kathie Maurer says:

    I have Fallen into Knitters Heaven with this tool, I have now gotten 3 and bought 2 for Xmas gifts for knitting friends. These are awesome for keeping circular needles managed. THANK YOU for creating such a wonderful tool.


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