Lacy Stockings KAL and happy Thanksgiving!

I love November! When I was living in Russia as a little girl, at the end of November the snow was falling and not melting anymore. Nature was getting serious about the winter coming. It was very exciting and the snow was very clean and stark white. Anticipation of cold winter with cozy nights in the warmth of the house with our family gathered around the table is still very vivid to me.

Now I live in CA and our November is not cold enough for snow. Thanksgiving with my family gathered around the table makes it up for it. It is not the holiday I grew up with, but it is a wonderful holiday with great food and traditions.

I am thankful for so many things in my life that it is hard to list them. Most of all I am thankful for my family and the fact that we are all here in America. It is our home for  many years now (in fact, I live here longer than I lived in Russia) and we are grateful for it every day.

Happy November to you all!

If you want to make warm but fancy looking socks, a very popular KAL of my Lacy Stockings begins on Nov 30th. If you would like to join it, here is the link: Lacy Stockings

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