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Early Fall issue of Vogue Knitting magazine came out and I am so happy and honored!

Open page 58 and you will see why I am so excited. The first page is a full page photo of my design and on the opposite page is my interview that flows to another page. Plus there are  pattern instructions for the cowl that I designed. This is pretty cool, don’t you think?


Carolyn Noyes, who interviewed me, is a wonderful designer herself. I hope to see more of her work. She did not have the usual set of questions that you read in every interview. Every question she asked was leading to the story you can tell. It was hard to contain myself to a concise answer. She was able to manage the length and still have it readable. Thank you, Carolyn!

The cowl is made out of  2 skeins of worsted weight yarn Lanaloft by Brown Sheep Co. This is my own new stitch pattern that I came up with for this design. It is a slip-stitch pattern with a special DewDrop cast on.

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If you are interested in the techniques used here, take my live classes with Vogue Knitting Live in Minneapolis in November, or New York City next January.

If traveling is not in your plans, take my online classes and also sign up for my newsletter to assure that you keep an eye of my schedule and news.

Thank you all for your support and for reading my blog!

Happy Knitting to all.



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