Vogue Knitting in NY

New York is beautiful all year long. This time I was there a week before the Vogue Knitting Live show to spend some time with my family.
At first it was very cold and I was glad I have all my hats and cowls for classes 🙂 I had to put one hat inside the other to keep me warm. The air was fresh and the snow was everywhere.

My husband and I went to the museum and saw this on our way. It was too funny for a Californian couple to see a table and chairs outside the restaurant covered in snow. Yeah, right. Serve my meal outside, please.

Later in a week it was much warmer and we had a lot of fun going to plays, museums, walking the streets and meeting with friends and family for meals.

One of our old favorites is the restaurant called Russian Samovar to have very authentic Russian food. It was first opened in 1986 by three partners: Mikhail BaryshnikovJoseph Brodsky, and Roman Kaplan.  Now Roman Kaplan and his family own it. We are visiting there often and our daughter once got an autograph from Baryshnikov there. If you want to try Russian food it is still a good place to do it.


Last 3 days I was teaching for Vogue Knitting Live. New York is a huge show with tons of classes, runway shows, 2 floors of market space and it is in one of the most luxurious hotels on Time Square Marriott Marquis. It has the coolest elevator system.

The show spills to the hallways and this time they were decorated with knitted sculptures like this one.


Everywhere you look there were knitters with huge bags of yarn and projects. The show offered all kinds of giveaways of books, yarns and more. I had no time to enjoy it all. I came there to work. But I am so happy that people who came from far (some from different countries) could enjoy many events prepared for them by incredibly hard working and enthusiastic staff of Vogue Knitting.

I thought 2 classes a day and classes were 20-25 people each. I love teaching big classes. I met so many wonderful and curious knitters! They were asking me questions and we were working on many, many swatches to understand the techniques of slip-stitch knitting, brioche, finishing, and some fun new ways to make your cast-on edges be the feature of the garment or accessory.


In one of the classes a student Angela showed me her Volna scarf from my book The Art of Slip-Stitch Knitting. She did such a great job!!


I have to say that Vogue Knitting Live is the event to go to. The next time we are in Las Vegas. See my calendar for this and other workshops.


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