Joggling teaching, designing, and writing

Many people are asking me what do I do. My friends, designers, would understand me when I am at loss how to answer that question. I learned to analyze the person who is asking me and answer accordingly to their knowledge of knitting, publishing work, and a small business. The truth is that I really […]

35 wonderful years in the U.S.

Tomorrow is a very special day for my family. On January 30th of 1980 my husband Simon, our son Eli, and I said goodbye to our parents, siblings and their families, cousins we grew up with, and close friends. We were leaving Soviet Russia forever. We were young and excited, but we also were sad and […]

Playing with my new lens

After a long wait and search for prices, I got my birthday gift: Micro-Nikkor Macro lens – 105 mm – F/2.8 – Nikon F. Thank you to my wonderful family for this fantastic lens.Do not judge my photos, please. I am so not a professional photographer! My wi…