Lacy Stockings KAL and happy Thanksgiving!

I love November! When I was living in Russia as a little girl, at the end of November the snow was falling and not melting anymore. Nature was getting serious about the winter coming. It was very exciting and the snow was very clean and stark white. Anticipation of cold winter with cozy nights in […]

Welted Peerie Shawl

Honestly, I do not know how did I let this go for so long. I mean: not posting here. So much happened and now it is a long line of posts waiting to show up. I am going to start at the end of this line.

This week you will see the new Spring 2013 iss…


I got a very nice surprise today. UPS came by and brought this book by House of Birches with 10 designs on a circular knitting. It is edited by Kara Gott Warner. One of the designs is mine.I love the photography in this book. Some of the projects are …