Vogue Knitting in NY

New York is beautiful all year long. This time I was there a week before the Vogue Knitting Live show to spend some time with my family. At first it was very cold and I was glad I have all my hats and cowls for classes 🙂 I had to put one hat inside the […]

Back from TNNA

Only a few days ago I was in Columbus , OH with my co-author Simona Merchant-Dest and many other fiber-involved friends for our semiannual trade show of The National NeedleArts Association. We were not alone in a huge convention center. Midwest Haunters Convention (as in Halloween attractions and movie quality costumes of dead people…) was in the next […]

Lithuanian Knitting

 This unique and well-written book on history and techniques of Lithuanian Knitting comes from a very deeply rooted interest in the author’s hearts. Donna Druchunas and June Hall are taking us on a tour of one of the Baltic countries that is rich in textile traditions and many other crafts. Their main focus is on […]

Back to what used to be USSR Part III. SAMARA

We said goodbye to our Saratov friends and took yet another overnight train to Samara. That’s where our son joined us on this trip. Each of us in the family had a personal agenda for this city. Mine was to see my friends and places that meant something…

Back to what used to be USSR Part II. SARATOV

This is the map of our trip inside of Russia. If you want to see it in more detail, here is the link to the entire trip including where we went after Russia.On the above photo the red line toward Moscow on the left is the end of our plane flight to Mos…

Back to what used to be USSR

I am not going to bore you with my personal history and what is the reason that my family and I have decided to go to Russia this summer. Let’s just say that some of us wanted to go more than others and it was time to do it. My husband and I both have …

Very quick trip to New Jersey.

I am sitting at the airport and enjoying a free Wi-Fi access while my husband is driving to pick me up. I had to make a very short trip to New Jersey for my mom’s funeral. Although I was aware that this day will come soon, it was a shock (as it always …