Back from TNNA

Only a few days ago I was in Columbus , OH with my co-author Simona Merchant-Dest and many other fiber-involved friends for our semiannual trade show of The National NeedleArts Association.

We were not alone in a huge convention center. Midwest Haunters Convention (as in Halloween attractions and movie quality costumes of dead people…) was in the next hall and we had to go through it. Sometimes their attendees were making sure to interact with ours. Not the most interesting experience of my life, I should say. It is o.k. to be so involved in whatever you are interested, I suppose. I sure did not come all the way there to see little babies in blood and in coffins. Oh, well.

There were a few graduations, Cirque du Soleil show,  International Trumpet Guild Conference, e.t.c. And you thought that there is nothing happening in Columbus, hah?

Oh, and one time at lunch we were sitting next to two ladies who lost their voices at the night-before concert of Rolling Stones. That’s a vibrant city for you!

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 3.34.25 PMNeedless to say, we had no time for any of that. The only city interactions we had is on a way to and from lunch at the famous North Market  where international food is in abundance. Our favorite crêpe place is Taste of Belgium. Excellent and healthy food. Well, most of it. Buckwheat crêpe with Lavender sugar & lemon curd was our desert choice.

The rest of the time was all about business. In the first hour of the show I managed  to do all what I planned coming there. That would be enough of justification of why I was there. But then one thing after another was happening and now I have a list of 30 plus  things on my to-do list. That’s normal for this show.

Friday night was a fashion show and Anzula company unveiled their new yarns showing 4 new designs on the runway. It was so exciting for me and my sample knitter Janelle Abrams to see Carnelian tunic on the model walking on the real runway!  It was hard to take a good picture there. Here is the photo of this tunic I took before I went to TNNA on my beautiful model Katy.


Although I did not have a decent photo, Alena Woods, the owner of biStitchual at Pinole, CA  sent me two photos and even a video. I am not sure if she is the one who taped it, but I am very grateful.


And here is the video to give you more understanding of the vibe of the runway. Keep in mind that this was not intended for  an Oscar nomination, so it is done for our quick look. :)

Right after the show there was a Designer’s dinner organized by my friend and a well-established designer Marly Bird. Marly started this dinner about 8 years ago. It is a lot of work for her and a lot of fun for us.    Thank you, Marly!

Here is Marly giving away many prizes generously donated by different companies.


Between this and  instructors dinners I brought home half of suitcase full of new yarns and gadgets. You can see the labels with company name and appreciate the lot, if you are familiar with them. If not, try these for yourself. They are wonderful!!


Simona and I came to talk to one of our favorite people from Skacel and found this tent made out of knitted or crocheted squares. We just had to have a picture in it. It is really beautiful inside.

We just left our book signing at Interweave booth and were wondering the isles. This was a great way to unwind.

This is the photo of what is coming from Vogue Knitting and Interweave. Very exciting designs and educational articles.

If you don’t stop me, I can talk and talk about the show full of wonderful conversations with old and new friends, new books, magazines, tools, yarns, and most of all energy that you take home. Love to be there!

Watch for my interviews and reviews coming up as a result of these interactions.

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