Knitter’s Pride Goodies

My tools are very important for me and I always appreciate if they are helping me enjoy my work. Here is the latest addition to my arsenal. I received a wonderful collection of supplies from Knitter’s Pride that I would like to share with you. The Knitter’s Pride Interchangeable Needle Holder will keep your needles […]

The Needle keeper or simply the Magic Wand

I have to admit that I love to have good tools that not only help me with my work, but have a great idea behind them. I just recently learned about this one. Have you seen it? This is so brilliant but simple that everyone can look at it and say: “O.K. Why did not I […]

Buffy Ann Designs

Buffy Ann Designs recently sent me these yarn cozies. I did not know I needed these but now I don’t want to knit without them. If you’ve had the disruptive experience of a ball of yarn that insists on coming apart while you are knitting, then you need to try these cozies. They keep your […]

Knitter’s Pride: dreamz and KARBONZ

Recently I’ve received two sets of Knitter’s Pride needles from Stefanie Goodwin-Ritter from for review. Most of the time I work with circular needles. I like them to be metal and smooth so I can knit quickly and the yarn does not catch between the cord and the needle. For that reason I never really looked at Knitter’s […]