Art of Slip-Stitch_150_small The Art of Slip-Stitch Knitting  (TASSK)

Along with Interweave /F+W we are planning many activities around the book launch.

There will be interviews, reviews, giveaways, podcast interviews, and more.

All of them will be done on blogs and podcasts that many of us follow and love. This means you are for a treat and very entertaining conversations.

Teaching and book signing events are listed here.

I will be posting more announcements here with links, so please come back soon.

The following schedule is work in progress and will be updated as more events are confirmed.


Blog tour stop

9/16/15 Wendy Knits
9/28/15 Tanis Knits
9/29/15 Yarn Thing Podcast
9/30/15 HZoppetti Designs
9/30/15 Planet Purl
9/30/15 WEBS blog
10/6/15 SweetGeorgia Yarns, Inc.
10/7/15 Never Not Knitting Podcast
10/8/15 Yarn Yenta
10/9/15 My Little City Girl
10/15/15 Bay Area Knitter
11/15/15 Sheep to Shawl
11/18/15 Anzula
11/19/15 myCentralJersey Pam MacKenzie
11/21/15 Ready, Set, Knit! (WEBS Podcast)
Thank you to all who participated in this blog tour and to all who followed it!


Quotation marksReview Quotes

From Amazon

“…This book has a great combination of techniques, stitches, and amazing projects. The authors cover so many aspects of slip stitch, my favorite being how to design using this technique. The book itself is beautiful and the projects are stunning….”

“…I can’t wait to learn and use the techniques and patterns provided.”

“…Well written, offers picture/grid patterns as well as line by line description, and allows for individualization of the patterns to your particular project.”

From Blogs

“This is a great book — not only does it have a nice array of pretty patterns, but it is a great stitch dictionary for a lot of different slipped stitch patterns. And it contains a lot of useful how-to information.”  ~~ Wendy Knits

“I love collections like this because they give you the knowledge to create your own things–how to do slip-stitch patterns, what to do with it, why you want to use it, what its advantages are, and so on. But then, just in case after reading all that, you’re feeling a bit tired or lazy, they just go straight ahead and put it all into ready-to-go patterns, just for you… I’ve liked Faina Goberstein’s patterns for ages and they hit a nice balance between “innovative” and “classic”–my favorite combination.” ~~Knitting Scholar

“Whether you’re new to slip-stitch knitting, or already a fan, The Art of Slip-Stitch Knitting is definitely a book to pick up for you bookshelf, and explore these great techniques. ” ~~ Webs

“Fancy is my favorite chapter. I love the look of some of these more involved stitch patterns. Slip-stitch cables and lace…mmm. The opening project is Nebo, my favorite from the book. Understated and beautiful, this pattern has all the little details I love about sweaters.”~~H zoppetti designs

“I’ve always seen the use of the simple slip stitch as a “lazy man’s” way of playing with colour, but the authors show in detail how texture, shape, and finishing all fit within the scope of the technique.” ~~Sweet Georgia Yarns

Planet Purl’s voice interview is on YouTube.

” I fell in love with the Gobelen bag,  which I not only want to make for myself, but I was already asked by a friend to make one for her. Made by using diagonal woven weaves slip-stitch pattern, this bag (as well as Volna scarf and Spiral hat) is simply gorgeous!” ~~My Little City Girl

“Like their previous book, this new work does not disappoint. I tend to think of Faina and Simona as the designers of “the little black dress”, the staples that you need to have in your wardrobe and on your bookshelf….”~~Yarn Yenta

“These patterns challenge everything you’ve ever thought about slip-stitch knitting. Gorgeous yarn and the right needle can create divine garment that you’ll simply love to put on again and again.”~~Anzula

“When I opened “The art of slip-stitch knitting,” I discovered this book is filled with wonderful techniques that I am thrilled to learn about, not just mosaic knitting (which is in there)…

I often take the  price of a book, in this case $26.99, and divide it by the number of projects in it, in this case 16, and then I tell you if the book is worth the price. However, there is so much good educational material in “The art of slip-stitch knitting” that I don’t think that’s a fair way to assess this book. Overall, I think it has terrific information and I heartily recommend it. The authors overcame all my resistance and objections.”~~ Pam McKenzie

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