List of Workshops

Picture 361Faina has been teaching knitting, crochet, knitwear design, and college mathematics for many years.  Her students call her “knowledgeable, dynamic and patient”.

She teaches at various venues such as
Vogue Knitting Live, YarnFest, Madrona Fiber Art Festival, various guilds and local shops around the country and abroad.

Faina is the teacher of very popular online classes Sizing Knitwear Patterns, Slip-Stitch Colorwork: Mosaic and Beyond, and Techniques for Exciting Colorwork on  and a well-known knitwear designer.

In her teaching, Faina strives to

  • explain clearly
  • always be prepared
  • make her classes fun and memorablePicture 497
  • have a good handout for each student
  • bring many knitted or crochet samples and swatches to class for visual help
  • inspire her students
  • make sure that no student left without understanding taught technique or topic
  • create excitement about the class topic and knitting or crochet in general

Faina says: “Since I love texture of any kind, I am intrigued by any knitting technique or a stitch pattern that  produces textured fabric.  For that reason I teach classes on many different topics.”

Please   with any questions about workshops or more information. She would be happy to customize any class to fit the needs of your specific venue. There are always new classes in the works. The most current list of workshops will be gladly sent upon request.

General Class Information

Classes are taught in a laboratory style where students see a demonstration of a technique and follow the instructor by working through their own sample. Homework is required for some classes. The list of necessary supplies and a homework assignments will be provided as soon as the workshop is confirmed. Most classes can be altered to fit into 3 or 6-hour format.

Techniques and Design

The Art of Slip-Stitch Knitting related:

1. The Art of Working with Slip Stitch

Goberstein, Faina, The world of slip stitch 4

  • slip stitch in general
  • swatching some unusual slip-stitch patterns
  • orientation of slip stitch patterns (horizontal, vertical, diagonal)
  • usage (yarns, projects)


2. Designing with Slip Stitch 

Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 5.53.03 PM• Stitch placement for a flattering fit.

• Tips for watching the gauge while combining different patterns

• Combining slip stitch patterns with other textures




3. Slip Stitch: Beyond Mosaic 

Santorini Cowl small
• Woven stitches

• Fancy stitches

• Color versa Solid


4. Slip Stitch: Reversible stitches

TASS_Ch3_Woven_Swatch #6_RS• Learn new stitches

• Usage of reversibility

• Make your own stitches



5. Making Pleats

photo 4

The Art of  Seamless Knitting related:

Picture 7

6. The Art of Seamless Constructions 

• learn about seamless constructions

• make mini sweaters of your choice

• talk about important design elements and gauge

6. The Art of Stitch Pattern Placements 

• Horizontal, vertical, diagonal

• Importance of minding gauges for modifications

• What patterns to use and their placements

7. The Art of Seamless Shaping 

  • Traditional methods
  • Alternative methods
  • Faux side seam
  • Placing shaping lines at non-conventional places

8. Customize existing sweater pattern to fit you 

9. The Importance of Gauge for Seamless Constructions

10. All ways to decrease and increase stitches

11. The Art of Professional Finishing

12. Reading Patterns

13. Knitted skirts 

  • Draft your own flat pattern for a skirt
  • How to design a flattering skirt
  • All about knitted skirt
  • Waistband options and yarns




 Special Techniques

14. Celtic Cables


  • Special features of this group of cables
  • Make a sampler
  • Design your own cable


15. Beginning Brioche

Image 6 photo 3

16. Brioche in the round

Sweet-Honey-Beret-2 2

17. Decreasing and increasing in Brioche

18. Colorful Brioche

19. Edges with techniques of Casting On and Casting Off

20. Short Rows Everywhere

21. Continental Knitting

22. New ways to use old stitches

23. Smocking and Ruching in knitting

24. Entrelac

25. Blocking Techniques

26. Design your own cowl

27. Design your own gloves

28. Design your own hat


29. Beginning Crochet

• Learning terminology

• Learning crochet

30. Intermediate Crochet 

• Clusters

• Various stitch patterns

31. Crochet Shawls 

32. Crochet Cables and more. 

33. Tunisian Crochet

Please do not hesitate to ask for detailed information about any of the listed classes. Faina would be happy to answer any question you might have by .





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