Happy Birthday, TASSK!

When Simona Merchant-Dest and I were working on this book, we gave it a nickname TASSK for The Art of Slip-Stitch Knitting. It was so much more convenient and fast than the use of the full name. Do you agree? So, TASSK is now available for purchase. We even have excellent reviews on Amazon already. Yay!! This […]

Slip-Stitch Knitting

Create beautiful, intricate colorwork the easy way, with slip-stitch knitting! In this complete workshop, Faina Goberstein demonstrates how to create inspired, distinctive designs just by moving stitches from one needle to the next. Using only one strand of yarn per row, the techniques presented are appropriate for any skill level. Know how to knit and […]

The Art of Seamless Knitting

Go beyond the basics! Learn how to convert flat patterns to circular techniques with 12 classic, beautiful projects suitable for all ages. With The Art of Seamless Knitting, take your knowledge of top-down, bottom-up, and seamless knitting to a higher level by adapting lace, cable, and color patterns to circular knitting and shaping techniques. The book delves […]

Casual, Elegant Knits

Stitch yourself some classic chic, choosing from two wardrobe ensembles plus a collection of must- have accessories. These timeless projects will be in style years after you’ve knit the last row. Create wardrobe essentials that combine classic lines with comfortable styling. Find 24 projects that cover a variety of techniques and stitch patterns in three stylish collections: […]