The Designer’s Studio

Modeled after the famous TV program called Inside the Actor’s Studio, The Designer’s Studio (DS) is the place where you will meet a crochet or knitwear designer and read about her/his designing style, philosophy, most favorite techniques, publications, and many other interesting details of their incredibly creative world. Our guests will be answering a set of 15 questions (the same for every guest) and you will have the opportunity to leave the comment or your question after the interview is posted. We will try to keep up with your questions. This is a very exciting project and I hope you will visit here often and will not miss any of the new interviews posted here. So, click on the link below, relax and enjoy reading your chosen interview.


 Interviews given by Faina
03/09/2015   Anzula 04/16/2015 StitchSprouts  09/30/15  Planet Purl’s  Beth Moriarty
09/06/2013 Robin Hunter  9/28/2015  Tanis Knits  10/15/15  Bay Area Knitter
06/11/2013 Marly Bird  9/29/2015  Yarn Thing   11/21/15  Ready, Set, Knit


 DS Interviews:


Featured Interview: Cecelia Campochiaro


  • Rick Mondragon
  • Kristin Nicholas
  • Dora Ohrenstein
  • Shannon Okey
  • Kristin Omdahl
  • Shirley Paden
  • Linda Permann
  • Amy Polcyn
  • Kristi Porter
  • Carla Scott
  • Marie Grace Smith
  • Kristen Tendyke
  • Jill Wolcott
  • Laura Zukaite


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