Fixing Knit and purl in the round

Vogue Knitting Live, NY

Elongated Stitch for the Turmeric shawl

This stitch can be done with 2, 3, or 4 yarnovers. The video is showing 3 yo. you can find this shawl on Ravelry.

Basic Brioche in one color. Video 3

Basic Brioche in one color. Video 2

Basic Brioche in one color. Video 1

Knitting in the round with 2 circular needles

One of the methods on knitting in the round. I do not have a preference and believe that we need to know all ways to do it and choose one that works best for the project.

Almost flawless joining in the rnd.

Slip-stitch stitch pattern for the Summer coat

This video is done to provide help for Viola’s Coat published in Interweave Knits, Summer 2017. This is the original chart which was modified for publication later, but you still can use it instead. The main part of the chart that I am showing is the same. If you get this video, you are ready […]

Crochet Cast On For Knitting

Used as a provisional cast on for shawls and other projects. Makes a very smooth beginning and keeps stitches live. You can start working them on the first row or after making a decision at the end of the project ( for example for ending a different edging on a hem or a sleeve). I […]